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Finished upgrading my hosted to @nextclouders instead - looking good so far :)

@Installatron Hi, do you have any plans to add support for Nextcloud (the popular fork of )?

My journey continues: migrated my Google Contacts to - sync to my phone via @davdroidapp :)

Wonder if I cld install @uboslinux on my QNAP NAS using so I can selfhost ? Anyone know pls?

I couldn't get Owncloud to work on my NAS but on my to-do list is trying it hosted via something like IndieHosters

Pierre, I do find this a bit more confusing. Previously I could see that I could get Known and OwnCloud hosted for $96. This was a good deal because Known on its own currently costs me $96 a year, and so basically you could give me OwnCloud for free!
Now I'm not sure whether that package is $100, or $100 plus $25 plus $25 i.e. $150. (Hope you don't mind the feedback.)

Q: if I want @withknown and @ownclouders hosted on the same site, would I need something like @IndieHosters ?

Incredibly frustrating getting @owncloud to work properly on my NAS. Think I will have to own my data some other way