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Getting a WP blog on my site is my next itch, and this will make it much easier to setup. Thanks for going through the pain to reduce the pain for those that follow!

Hi Marty, is this downloadable / subscribable so I can listen offline on my commute?

An Introduction to the IndieWeb – AltPlatform

Great article from Chris Aldrich - lots of to-dos for me in there!

@Cryptomator Know you don't have autostart yet (coming soon!), but presumably I could add to the Windows startup menu manually?

Finished upgrading my hosted to @nextclouders instead - looking good so far :)

Added photo of a very remote bike park near to @osmuk & @cyclestreets

I won't give anything away, but series 3 recently aired here in UKland. Believe me, it will be worth the wait!

@ChrisAldrich @WithKnown! Happy 3rd birthday - I joined on September 14th 2014, so 4 days after you Chris :)