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Another great post about from @jimgroom at my hosting co @reclaimhosting Is it wrong to admit I quite liked the Devo 2.0 album, Jim?!

Just watched DVD by the incomparable @ClaudiaBrucken1 - don't think I've ever enjoyed a live show as much as this!

Spending a pleasant afternoon improving the public footpath mapping of Letchworth on

Should someone tell @humphreygoodman that his @deathinparadise girlfriend is really 's wife from ?!

In which I learn that my hosting provider @ReclaimHosting are also big fans so fellow :)

My journey continues: migrated my Google Contacts to - sync to my phone via @davdroidapp :)

People (including me!) thought I was mad buying in 2014. Price now approaching all-time high and I'm up 40% on my initial outlay :)

I'm a long-time user of by @2BrightSparks - now using to automate my portable devices backups too. Cool beans!

I'm a big user of Jeffrey Friedl's Lightroom plugins, but even happier to know he's an @openstreetmap fan and editor

The @BroadwayLGC cinema in @LoveLetchworth was an answer on tonight's Pointless - worth 1 point :)