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Happy anniversary, Chris, you are a continuing inspiration and role model for the and long may it last!

From Strava looks like I passed the @Letchworth_LALG group twice in Stevenage earlier - looked like a fun ride :)

Just installed the Mastodon plugin for by @nxd4n - if you can see this test post on Mastodon it has worked!

WTF - war with Spain? Wonder if "will of the people" twaddle will be trotted out to support this previously unstated aspect of Brexit too?!

Useful article, Chris. I use a silo podcast reader (Beyond Pod), and have never considered before that podcast listening could have a social and crowdsourcing angle. Another thing for me to add to my indiewebify list!

I see you listen to TWiG regularly: I sort of lapsed regular listening after Gina Tripani left but still listen when Kevin Marks is on. The one thing I never miss every week is Security Now with Steve Gibson, such a great resource.

Enjoyed "It's Not The Camera" talk by @wiggys at @ukphotoshow today. Really made me think about why I take photos.

Spotted a missing cycle crossing of A505 near Letchworth Gate. I've now added it to @openstreetmap @osmuk :)

Absolutely agree with this post by that @reclaimhosting customer service is insane (i.e. good!)